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bulb is available for the low cost of $2-3 per student with options for various levels of professional development depending on the number of licenses purchased. Please contact bulb for more details.


Aimee Schoeder 

Niki Danels

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Jane Wray
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About bulb Digital Portfolios

bulb is a simple, beautiful and powerful digital portfolio, purpose-built for students, educators and professionals to tell their learning story and showcase their accomplishments. Today, half a million bulb pages created in kindergarten, high school and beyond, are being used to document the learning process, encourage peer review, facilitate project-based learning, promote collaboration and foster the development of healthy digital citizenship. Most importantly, bulb belongs to the portfolio owner for life. It's not a system owned by the school district - so students and educators always have a place to create, share and showcase their work anywhere, anytime. 

bulb Brings Critical Components of Great Pedagogy to Life.

  • Accountability to parents and community

  • Authentic formative assessment

  • Demonstration of Future Ready and workplace skills

  • Student reflection

  • Healthy digital citizenship

  • Interdisciplinary learning

  • Lesson design and sharing

  • Feedback and peer review for learner success

  • Personalization of learning

  • Professional goal setting and evidence

  • Showcase of passions and strengths

  • Tracking of growth over time

bulb School Product Features:

  • Unlimited Storage

  • Unlimited Private Groups, Collections and Pages

  • Embed Web Content

  • Upload Attachments

  • Photo Library, Asset Library and Document Preview

  • Publishing Controls

  • Profiles & Activity Feeds

  • Comment and "Like"


  • Microsoft/Office365

  • Google

  • Canvas

  • Blackboard

  • Schoology

  • Clever

  • ClassLink