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Security Solutions and Risk Management

CEIA USA’s mission is to sell, distribute and service the worlds most advanced technology in electromagnetic fields manufactured by CEIA to the Federal Government, State and Local Governments and Corporations. CEIA USA strives to educate our current and potential customers on the proper deployment of Metal Detector Security Technologies with the aim of achieving the best operational response. CEIA USA will continue to increase its operational base of customers through education, seminars and trade shows and with continuous improvement in the technology offered.

Product Summary – Current Products and Services under contract with AEPA:

CEIA Classic

The CEIA Classic metal detector is a very lightweight, compact unit, featuring a stylish circular columns gate with integrated electronic control unit, ideal for portable and fast deployment applications. The Classic is characterized by fast assembly/disassembly operations, ease of use and extremely high reliability.


The CEIA HI-PE Plus is the workhorse of the CEIA multi-zone walk-through metal detector product portfolio. Characterized by extreme flexibility and outstanding immunity, the HI-PE Plus is suggested for general purpose and public entrance applications. The HI-PE Plus allows a high level of discrimination between significant metal masses, such as fire guns and personal metal effects. Exceptional immunity to environmental interferences makes it easy to use even when electrical noise is encountered.

Comprehensive Training and Validation Support 

  • Installation

  • Advance training

  • On-site repair

CEIA USA provides full operational and technical training support by certified personnel either at CEIA USA facility or at customer location.