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Techline Sports Lighting

Affordable Sports Lighting Solutions

From design to installation, your Techline representative partners directly with you and your team to manage everything from concept, installation, and beyond.  Sports Lighting is our ONLY business and our team is committed to exceeding your expectations.  Techline provides the highest quality lighting systems at the most competitive prices.  Choose the latest in LED sports lighting technology for the ultimate in engineering innovation.  HDTV quality, precision lighting, remote controlled monitoring, reduced installation cost and 50-75% energy savings are just some of the benefits of TSLED Sport LED.   At Techline Sports Lighting, we bring our best game….to light!

Member Benefits

• Free Consultation & Design Services
• Estimate in 48 hours
• Your Lighting System shipped in 1 week
• Installation complete in 2-3 weeks
• Zero Maintenance for up to 25 Years
• Remote Control & Monitoring Systems

We’re Ready to Help You

Whether you need to update the lighting system on an existing facility or light a new sports complex from the ground up, Techline’s low-maintenance, high-performance sports lighting systems will ensure superior visibility for both players and spectators alike.

Our Products

We’re able to provide the best products and service in the industry at a reasonable cost because we have a single focus – sports lighting. No matter what your needs are, Techline can help light the way.

We are the sports lighting professionals for:

• Football fields
• Baseball fields
• Soccer fields
• Softball fields
• Tennis courts
• Driving ranges
• Golf courses
• Motor sports complexes
• Rodeo arenas

We Offer:

Innovative Installation Services

The innovative Techline Sports Lighting System uses concrete encased, galvanized steel poles, significantly reducing cost and installation time – in as little as 48 hours in some cases. Both the interior and exterior of each two-piece pole are hot-dipped galvanized for maximum durability, and then treated at ground level with a Corrocote II coal tar epoxy coating for added protection.

More Light For Your Money

In addition to our extensive line of in-stock poles, Techline’s wide range of sports lighting fixtures will provide the superior visibility you need at a price you can afford. Our fixtures take advantage of commercially available, low-cost metal halide lamps, so you’ll never have to worry about replacing costly, hard-to-find lamps. Techline can also provide advanced spill light control fixtures to direct light away from residential areas around your sports complex and reduce glare by as much as 95%.

Remote Monitoring System

EcoLink™ is a revolutionary two-way Wireless Controller and Remote Monitoring System. EcoLink is designed specifically to control, schedule and monitor sports lighting systems and other lighting and electrical devices. EcoLink’s multi-level scheduling and switching allows facility owners to reduce the sites electrical energy consumption by 50% or more.