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Achieving Writing Proficiency by Dr. Troy Hicks

Writable is a guided writing program for grades 3-12 that helps teachers scaffold and motivate students to become purposeful, proficient writers, and helps schools assess and monitor writing growth. With 600+ assignments and prompts (or create your own), and district or state-level benchmark assessments, Writable helps teachers save time on prep and grading while focusing their writing instruction.

Writable is based around the research that shows better feedback drives better revision, which is the key to writing growth. Because of this, Writable has developed a feedback engine that includes guided self-review, anonymous peer review, AI-powered feedback, and many teacher feedback options. 

Writable works alongside both Google Docs and Google Classroom to deliver timely yet structured feedback, speed up grading, and identify students in need of support. School leaders can monitor their writing programs, unify assessments around state or district rubrics, and export grades to Google Classroom, Sheets, or popular LMSs like Schoology and Canvas.