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We are a Wisconsin based software company and we take great pride in helping all school districts though steep discounts through CESA Purchasing.  Our CESA pricing is $2.00 per student.


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1:1 Smart Cloud-Based Asset Management Solution for School Technology Initiatives

Distribu-Q ® is a cloud-based asset management solution for 1:1 school technology initiatives created by Administrative Software Solutions, LLC. Founded by a group of dedicated educational technologists whose 25+ years of experience is deeply seeded in finding solutions for schools.  Our endeavor is to contribute to the improvement of schools through the creation of all-inclusive, scalable, intuitive and user-friendly software solutions.

Distribu-Q ® Advantages: 

Our cloud-based asset management software designed specifically for 1:1 school technology initiatives.  Deployment and distribution is made easier through a simple checkout process because student and device information is preloaded to secure databases.  We know how complicated the logistics can be when distributing devices to students. The Distribu-Q ® team researched and listened to our client school districts for over two years to create a turnkey solution enhanced by a user-friendly interface.  Distribu-Q ® tackles many of the possible situations encountered at the school-based Tech Depot such as adding new student accounts, adding new devices, swapping devices, checking out loaner devices, creating repair tickets, setting up automatic email notifications to all stakeholders, and running reports, etc.  Distribu-Q ® is the first product to create and integrate an automated process that handles email notifications to school administrators about students’ disciplinary issues such as damage due to carelessness, borrowing too many loaner devices, and not charging devices, etc. Find more information at www.distribu-q.com.

Distribu-Q ® Convenient USA-Based Tech Support

The advantage and efficiency of our cloud-based asset management solution for 1:1 school technology initiatives is that our tech support personnel can securely access your site information and provide support without further interventions from our clients.  We want our clients to rest assured that most issues are resolved immediately or within 24 hours of initial contact.

CESA purchasing Members receive a steep discount of 53% off the regular purchasing price.

1:1 Technology Initiative Solution

Smart Efficient workflow saving you hundreds of hours through:

  • Speedy device deployment and distribution 

  • Easy repair tracking, integrates into your help-desk

  • Timely communication to all stakeholders 

  •  Accurate tracking of 1:1 disciplinary issues

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