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Learners of today.  Ready for tomorrow.

Education Elements has worked with hundreds of districts to build and support dynamic school systems that meet the needs of every learner, today and tomorrow. We take the time to understand the unique challenges school leaders face and customize the Education Elements approach for each district.  We bring deep expertise, design thinking, expert facilitation and the spirit of collaboration, along with our extensive toolkit of resources and technology, to deliver sustainable results

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In partnership with CESA Purchasing, Education Elements is excited to offer the Onpoint Personalized Learning Benchmark and the Personalized Learning Design and Launch Kit at a discounted rate to CESA members.

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Onpoint is a single number score that helps you understand your district's personalized learning implementation compared to other districts and schools around the country.  It tracks the progress of your personalized learning implementation--displays year over year progress. It benchmarks your district against others in different phases of personalized learning, using data from surveys based on the Personalized Learning Framework.   

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Fully baked project plan, meeting and workshop agendas, slides and resources to guide the implementation of personalized learning.  A complete kit to enable district, school and teacher leaders to develop staff through: Building a shared understanding of the what, why and how of personalized learning, designing classroom models centered on student needs, providing opportunities for reflection and iteration.  Researched and tested activities based on the same Education Elements framework and methodology that has launched personalized models in over 600 schools across 125 districts.  

Learn more: Personalized Learning Design and Launch Kit.