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Different for a reason.

Fast ForWord is an online language and reading intervention program developed by neuroscientists for struggling readers, language learners, and students in special education programs. The program is designed to target the root causes of learning and reading difficulty directly unlike any other reading intervention. Once these underlying issues are addressed, students’ reading and all learning improve quickly, and changes continue even after they complete the program.

The Outcome? 

  • Better thinkers

  • Better readers

  • Better learners

About Scientific Learning

Evidence-Based Reading Intervention for Your Most Struggling Students

Scientific Learning is committed to helping every student achieve their learning potential. Our unique approach to reading intervention uses a 3-step approach to deliver fast gains to your most struggling readers. We provide students with the foundational cognitive skills, intensive practice, and guided reading help they need to catch up, once and for all.

3 Steps to Effective Reading Intervention

1. Prepare

Our program first prepares the brain for reading by improving the cognitive skills that are weak in struggling students (memory, attention, and processing speed).

2. Practice

Our program ensures your students receive personalized, intensive practice on a wide variety of reading skills - more than any other approach or intervention.

3. Reinforce

Using speech verification technology, our program listens to students as they read aloud, like a guided reading coach! Students reinforce their new reading skills and rapidly build fluency and comprehension.

Key Benefits

  • Improved cognitive skills by addressing the root causes of reading struggle

  • Improved reading fluency and comprehension through adaptive, intensive practice and guided reading reinforcement 

  • Improved learning gains even after students complete the program