Synthetic Turf, Track and Court


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Synthetic Turf, Track and Court

FieldTurf was developed and engineered for athletes, by athletes. Before we came along, artificial turf was something to be avoided. The very phrase conjured up images of carpet and concrete, non-contact injuries, and careers ended prematurely. Natural grass was considered the only solution – even though it required constant maintenance and care. This was the environment in which we asked ourselves one question: 

“Can we make synthetic turf that is equal to or better than the best natural grass?” 

In seeking the answer to this question, we worked closely with athletes, former players, coaches, trainers, and doctors. Development included years of trials, tests, samples, equipment innovations and advanced formulas – all with the goal of developing an artificial turf system that combined the performance properties of natural grass with the benefits of a synthetic solution.  It worked!


In comparison to natural grass and other turf systems, FieldTurf has proven to be the best investment time and time again. Whether your main concern is long-term savings, athlete safety, field performance and durability, or environmental issues, FieldTurf has set the standard.

With a list of engineered products tailored to the specific needs of our clients, all of FieldTurf’s innovative synthetic turf products have proven to outperform and outlast other turf systems in the marketplace.