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Electronic Hallway Pass, School Safety, Security, Tardy Management, Pass Record Keeping, Attendance Record Keeping, Student Departure and Arrival Log


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About Get Hall Pass

Get Hall Pass is product of Administrative Software Solutions, a Wisconsin-based company founded by former school technologists. We pride ourselves in creating cloud-based software designed for the education ecosystem to positively impact the work of teachers, school leaders, students, and families.

Get Hall Pass Benefits

  • Supports Wisconsin School Safety Initiative

  • Better communication between all stakeholders and coordination

  • Improves student behavior through the monitoring of tardiness

  • Improves the record keeping of passes issued

  • Student pass request data at your fingertips

  • Know who is in the hallways at all times

  • Flag students with messages

  • Increases student responsibility and accountability by minimizing unwarranted traffic in the school's hallways

  • Provides staff a way to pinpoint student's last visited location

  • Provides staff with an accurate way of how long it takes for a student to move from one location to another and dealing with tardiness issues

  • Keeps a record of every student pass and location visited including meetings with guidance office, IEP support services, social worker, library, etc.

  • Barcode scanner ready

  • Offers live view of passes issued by location

  • Uploads of students pictures for enhanced security

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