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GoGuardian is Chromebook and Windows software designed to enhance your K-12 digital learning environment.  GoGuardian is an all-in-one solution that protects students while enhancing the classroom experience.

GoGuardian Admin is filtering and monitoring software that unlocks the potential of the internet while helping to block harmful and distracting content.

  • Smart Filtering functionality reads the content on the page and determines in real-time if the content is inappropriate, rather than blocking simply based off of keywords or URLs

  • On and off campus filtering

  • Granular YouTube filtering

  • Policies can be determined by OU

  • Theft recovery for lost or stolen devices

GoGuardian Teacher is classroom management software that allows teachers visibility into their students' devices in order to create the perfect digital learning environment that protects, guides, and engages students.  With GoGuardian Teacher your teachers can focus on helping their students, instead of policing their devices.  

  • Teachers can create custom work, learning or testing environments

  • View students screens in real time, or go back and view previous sessions

  • Browser control - open/close/lock browsers or tabs, or share links with students

  • Teacher to student chat functionality

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