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Athletic Equipment, Wall Mats, Lockers, and Storage


CESA Purchasing Pricing


Jami Anderson
Athletic Equipment and Wall Mats

Tom Schneider
Lockers and Storage

Contract Information

Jane Wray
CESA Purchasing

H&B Specialized Products, Inc. offers athletic equipment, wall mats and lockers. These products will be available to participating agencies at consortium level discounted pricing. Athletic equipment includes: badminton, basketball, futsal, handball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, tetherball and volleyball equipment. Bike racks, controllers, football goalposts, football/soccer combos, foul poles, gym divider curtains and sports cages are also available. Lockers are suitable for schools and law enforcement. H&B Specialized Products, Inc. will also offer discounted pricing on training services and maintenance support.

Member Benefits

  • Athletic equipment is discounted 5% off catalog list price

  • Wall mats are discounted 5% off catalog list price

  • All wall mats sold to participating agencies will meet ASTM E84 and NFPA 286 

  • Lockers are discounted 45 - 62% off catalog list price 

  • H&B will provide an additional 2% discount to agencies purchasing more than $25,000 in athletic equipment, wall mats and lockers in one order

  • H&B will provide an additional 1% discount to agencies paying their invoices within 30 days

  • H&B provides discounted maintenance support

  • H&B provides free onsite assessment and consultation within a 25-mile radius of H & B headquarters which is located at 6560 Edenvale Boulevard, Eden Prairie, Minnesota; a $.55 per mile charge will be added for agencies outside that radius.