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Nick Barnes
Early Childhood Consultant
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Hatch is an early learning education company that got into technology, not the other way around.

We create thoughtful innovative early learning technology solutions, fueled by research, so that every child is prepared for success in school.

Hatch Tech Suite

  • Our iStartSmart® Tablets and Computers are child-driven adaptive learning systems that help children build the core skills necessary for kindergarten. Unique reporting tools allow teachers and administrators to see child learning progress in real-time allowing for personalized learning and refocused instruction.

  • Our TeachSmart® Interactive Display and Whiteboard the solution is powered by a comprehensive, teacher-driven software package that allows teachers to individualize instruction based on classroom needs. This research-proven package includes more than 1,100 literacy and math activities designed to assist teachers in providing developmentally appropriate experiences for all children in their classroom.

  • The Hatch WePlaySmart® Table provides a cooperative learning environment for early learners that teaches positive behavior and teamwork. The system captures authentic audio of peer conversations so that teachers can listen to audio recordings to evaluate how children are developing with a set of assessment tools to aid them in making informed observations on social-emotional development. WePlaySmart by Hatch games also provide opportunities to develop math, literacy, social studies and science skills for cognitive ages 3-6 with more than 275 cognitive games.

  • The Hatch Teacher Tablet is a turnkey solution customized with a start-up bundle of apps and web links designed to help a teacher have quick access to tools that can help them manage the classroom and assess child progress. The Teacher Tablet includes the GOLD® by Teaching Strategies® App making it easy for teachers to collect and record documentation.

How to Order

To place an order, please contact Nick Barnes at 800.624.7968 x1142 ornbarnes@hatchearlychildhood.com. Make sure to mention CESA Purchasing!