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For recycling, contact Mathew Ashe for buy back & sell back to teachers/staff eligibility


For security:
Mark Koxlien

For recycling:
Matthew Ashe
Electronic Recycling Specialist

Contract Information

Jane Wray
CESA Purchasing

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Keeping students and staff safe is a top priority for Heartland Business Systems. Active shooters, inclement weather, and other security challenges pose potential threats for which schools need to be prepared.  HBS offers technology solutions that help schools achieve goals of being sanctuaries for teaching and learning—and free of violence.

HBS’s technology experts have developed a suite of technology solutions to support school’s comprehensive district safety plans and align to the “Advanced Security” portion of the grant:

  • Visitor screening systems

  • Video intercom systems

  • Intrafacility emergency communication systems such as PA systems, radios, phone apps, etc.

  • Security cameras

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Passion for Education

We are inspired daily by the impact our K-12 customers have on future generations. Our job is to enable them with technologies and digital transformation required to ensure student safety, performance, and return on investment. 

Increase Student Engagement with Innovative Teaching Tools