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Wisconsin Student Transportation Facts

In Wisconsin, more than 515,000 public and private school students are transported to school by 13,500 school buses each day.  In 2016, there were 610 school bus accidents which resulted in 175 injuries and approximately $14 million in economic damages. Soteria is the premier solution to increase the safety of student transportation.



The United States Department of Transportation reports that 86% of automotive accidents occur from speeding, reckless driving, and cellular-distractions.  The feature sets provided by Soteria mitigates these causes of accidents in real-time and elevates transportation safety to a premier level. In addition, Soteria reduces accident liability and insurance premiums for users.


Soteria ensures that drivers abide by the speed limit of every road and drive more carefully. In addition to improving safety, Soteria will also lead to significant savings in operational costs. Research produced by the U.S. Department of Energy shows that by driving the speed limit and otherwise responsibly, fleets can save between 20-60% on fuel costs each year. Furthermore, preventive maintenance notifications generated by Soteria can save fleets thousands of dollars from service and repair charges before issues occur.


The implementation process for Soteria is seamless and completed within seconds.  Regardless of the size and types of vehicles within a student transportation fleet, Soteria will improve the operational safety and savings from the moment of installation.