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IXL is a supplemental online program that improves student performance in math, language arts, science, social studies, and Spanish. We create a differentiated learning environment that generates questions at the right level of rigor for every student and adapts with them as they grow. Our platform is flexible and easy to implement in all learning settings, and is being used successfully to meet the goals of RTI programs, personalized learning initiatives, competency-based learning environments, and more.

IXL’s skills are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. Students will find interactive practice questions specifically tailored to each required standard. They’ll master foundational concepts and develop confidence by taking one step at time through our adaptive skills. This learner-centered approach inspires students to take their learning to new heights and achieve skill mastery.

Hear from Wisconsin educators on how IXL has helped them in their classrooms!

"I use IXL as a way to informally assess my students' understanding of the concepts already taught in class. I use the Real-Time Center, Trouble Spots, and the Questions Log reports quite often with my students. These Analytics reports help me intervene with my students when they need help."

- Amy Demmer, Cuba City Elementary School, Cuba City, WI

"The best feature of IXL is the instant feedback. If I give students a sheet of work to do, they do not receive feedback until they've finished it, and I grade it. IXL lets them know if they are on the right track after each question and if not, explains where they went wrong. I also use the Common Core tab to ensure alignment of each skill to the standards. The Score Grid and Students Quickview reports show me which skills students are practicing on and what they have mastered."

- Katherine Andrysiak-Montemurro, Somers Elementary School, Kenosha, WI

"One of my favorite parts of IXL is how user-friendly the program is. The program is visually appealing and is laid out in a user-friendly format. I was easily able to identify which topic we were working on in our curriculum and pair it with IXL’s categories. This is an amazing program. I have not found another program that I like as much as IXL."

- Melissa Carden, Barneveld Elementary School. Barneveld, WI

Learn more about how one Wisconsin educator uses IXL Math and Language Arts in her 3rd grade classroom for RTI, individual math practice, and whole-class instruction.


IXL offers comprehensive curriculum in five subjects:

  • Math - Grades PK-12

  • English Language Arts - Grades PK-12

  • Science: Grades 2-8

  • Social Studies - Grades 2-8

  • Spanish - Level 1

Continuous Diagnostic

IXL’s Continuous Diagnostic gives teachers an up-to-the-minute portrait of each and every student as well as personalized action plans to help drive their progress. Using a first-of-its-kind approach, the IXL Diagnostic works in the background, continuously updating students’ levels as they practice IXL skills and answer just a few diagnostic questions a week. This means you always have data that reflects your students’ ongoing growth!


IXL Analytics delivers insights that help teachers take instructional action in their classrooms. Analytics alerts teachers immediately to struggling students, identifies trouble spots, and even provides precise items to use for targeted reteaching. IXL gives you the tools to guide and demonstrate improvement in intervention programs at any level.

How to buy

To purchase a subscription to IXL, contact Katherine Ladcani at katherinel@ixl.com