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NaviGate Prepared is a virtual safety preparedness solution uniquely designed for K-12 schools. With a holistic suite of emergency preparedness tools, NaviGate Prepared empowers schools to develop and execute effective safety programs that prepare staff and students to confidently respond in emergency situations.

  • State-compliant safety plan – The Safety Plan Wizard includes the approved Wisconsin state safety plan template. Answer questions and the Wizard builds your plan.

  • Emergency procedures at your fingertips – The Flipchart module provides your latest emergency procedures to all staff on their mobile device.

  • Improve drill effectiveness – Drill scenarios provide opportunities for staff to initiative drills, while drill logs enable quick, accurate reporting of drill activities.

  • Account for students – During a drill or emergency, account for students, by name via your SIS data.

  • Collaborate with first responders – Interactive maps and floor plans support Wisconsin state compliance requirements and provide valuable information to first responders

  • Reunification – coming Fall 2018!


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Improving School Safety with Enhanced Drills

The Value of Technology in Improving School Safety 

Succeeding in School Safety – eBook 

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Our goal is to make emergency preparedness simple. We strive to help schools readily manage the complexities associated with compliance and other safety initiatives. Our software is easy to use by everyone who has access. We provide a tool to help staff respond safely and effectively during drills and emergencies. Our purpose is to provide peace of mind to all who are responsible for keeping students and staff safe. With former school administrators and current first responders on our staff, we understand the K-12 education environment and focus entirely on serving your needs.