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About Ogment

Ogment is an award-winning integrated, digital curriculum mapping and management program that gives educators real-time data all year long to help continuously improve curriculum and instruction. 

Ogment meets the needs of every school district

No matter where you are on the journey of integrating your curriculum with instruction, Ogment will be there for you.

Don’t have curriculum maps in your district?

If your district does not currently use curriculum maps but is considering doing curriculum mapping as a part of your curriculum planning process, Ogment is the perfect tool for building curriculum maps from scratch.

Have curriculum maps in print-only format?

If your district uses curriculum maps but you realize the limitations of static documents, Ogment can be used to make your curriculum maps fully digital so that they can be used to connect to instruction.

Want to align curriculum maps to classroom instruction?

Once your curriculum maps are built digitally in Ogment, any curriculum element within a curriculum map can be aligned to instruction—even if it’s simply lesson plans or lessons your teachers already have built in Google Classroom. That way, you’ll know what is being covered.

Want to build engaging, topical lessons and assessments digitally for even more data?

Once you have your digital curriculum maps, your teachers can take it a step further and build full lessons and assessments in Ogment to present in class or assign to students.

Would you like access to data you’ve never had before?

Realize the full potential of Ogment! Digital lessons and assessments that are aligned to curriculum maps collect data as teachers or students are going through them—automatically giving you reports that show how long/how many times students have been exposed to a particular standard or other curriculum element as well as how well students are performing.

Let’s talk

Call us and we can discuss your district’s needs and how Ogment can help. Michael Johnson, our company President, lives right here in Wisconsin. He can be reached at 262-903-6603 or michael.johnson@getogment.com.