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Improve Efficiency

When your team has the ability to quickly, clearly, and easily communicate with each other time is saved and mistakes are avoided. With wireless communications systems the push of a button provides the notification, request for help, alert, or other communication instantly. There are no phone numbers or extensions to remember, no waiting for connections, and no limits to the numbers of individuals who can be included in the communication.

Increase Productivity

Two way radio communication features are designed for one purpose: communicating. Feature rich products offer sophisticated features for enhanced communication options, but they do not offer unproductive features which can be distracting to employees.

 Increase Safety

Two-way communications work when other systems fail and provide options to alert a small group or an entire team immediately. Digital systems also offer the ability for private conversations, as well.

Save Money

Not only do clients choose two-way communications to provide better performance, but they often find that they save money compared to other communications systems. Also, Rassbach Communications carries a number of different brand names to suit a variety of functionality and pricing structures to suit nearly any need.

Leading Wireless Communications Provider of the following equipment and services:

  • Two Way Radios

  • GPS/Text Messaging Solutions

  • Alarm Monitoring


  • Work Order Management

  • Telephone Interconnect

  • Gateway To Link Radio To Your Other Systems

  • Dispatch Solutions

  • Radio Accessories

  • FCC Licensing

  • Repairs and Maintenance Agreements

  • Technical Support

  • FreedomLINK and FreedomLINK+

  • And Much More

 Stay connected. Do more.

Rassbach Communications

About Rassbach Communications 

Rassbach Communications is a family-owned company based in Wisconsin, since 1957. Our business focuses on all aspects of two-way communications for manufacturing, educational, institutional, public safety, retail, agricultural, health care clients and more. 

Our firm is set apart by the interest our team takes in product details and technology paired with their interest in serving our clients extremely well with two-way communications products and services.

Work with a family-owned firm who has made two-way communications their specialty for more than 60 years. Our experienced team understands the products and services needed for successful and reliable two-way communications systems and they understand how clients use them for greater efficiency. Find help choosing the best fit for your needs and find the help you need when you have questions or troubles.