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35% off List Price on supply items. 

12% off List Price on furniture items. 

Free Shipping for orders over $49. 

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Mark Bartman
School Specialty

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Jane Wray
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Transforming More Than Classrooms.

We're leading the way in empowering safe and inspiring spaces for all students to learn and grow.

Preparing the next generation of students for a happy, successful, and constructive future is a critical responsibility that we all share. But it’s becoming more and more challenging to create the right environments that improve results by supporting, protecting and engaging our children.

We believe that every student can flourish in an environment where they feel safe and inspired to explore and grow. We empower leaders with modern educational ecosystems that optimize student outcomes

Holistic Environments

From crayons to curriculums, our unmatched breadth and depth of offerings work together to create safe spaces for students, so they can grow mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

Curated Solutions

We get to know educators' challenges and dreams for their students, and work alongside them to curate unique, tailored solutions that help their schools excel.

Advanced Expertise

Education and students' needs are always evolving, so we are too. We're always striving for better, constantly seeking out the latest ideas, methods and solutions for empowering educators and advancing modern education.

Making a Difference

Like the educators we serve, we're passionate about securing a bright future for all children. To us, success means creating environments that will optimize student outcomes. And we won't stop until we've achieved it.

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