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Total Student

Total Student

Increase your student involvement with Total Student. Total Student is an all-in-one extracurricular management software. Our software will allow your school to manage, analyze, and increase student involvement for all school activities. We also allow your students to build a verified extracurricular transcript of their involvement including the clubs and teams they were members of and their volunteer experiences. 

How it works:

  • Students download the app and sign in

  • Attend school events and earn points

  • Receive rewards determined by your school

  • Students receive a verified report of their involvement

  • View all of the analytics on our dashboard

Questions we can answer!

  • How many students attended the event?

  • How many volunteer hours have our students accumulated?

  • Who are the most involved students?

  • What are the most attended events?

  • What students are members of a specific club?

Competitor Comparison:

Total Student