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Tri-Dim Filter Corporation offers the finest air filter design and installation which controls the dirt and dust in buildings. Tri-Dim’s high-quality filters carry a MERV 8 rating or better according to independent testing conducted by ASHRAE. Many filters are also available with antimicrobial treatment.

Sales representative Bob Harken recently sat down to explain the benefits of Tri-Dim’s filters purchased through the CPC contract.

Member Benefits

Members receive the following discounts:

  • Grease filters - 25%

  • Synthetic bag filters - 30%

  • Charcoal impregnated pleated filters - 25%

  • Pleated filters - 45%

  • Mini-pleat filters - 30%

  • Water filters - 25%

  • Cube filters - 30%

Members receive FREE shipping on orders of $250 or more.
Learn how to lower your annualized filter costs - by going with Tri-Dim Filters - which last longer between changes. If you have newer air handlers with expensive metal box filters - talk to Tri-Dim about an option that could save you 50% or more.

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