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V. Marchese

Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables

We are committed to providing the finest quality precut fruits and vegetables and committed to the highest standards as it applies to food safety. 

From the beginning to the end of our operation, food safety is the main focus of each and every employee.  

We follow all industry food safety procedures and standards, so our customers can trust that our products are safe and healthful, 

We take the utmost care to maximize freshness, ensure sanitary conditions, maintain the cold chain, and maximize security. That’s why we keep detailed logs and tracking records plus utilize multiple safety protocols and practices, all done to supply our customers with clean, safe, and quality precut produce.

V. Marchese is a Wisconsin company based in Milwaukee. The company is also a strong supporter of local foods and Farm to School programs.


V. Marchese is still family owned and operated after all these years, and still your best choice for the freshest produce! And with our new facility complying with the FDA 2002 Bio-Terrorism Act, we are also your safest choice.

At V.Marchese, Inc. we beieve everything we do is inspired by our ability to meet and exceed our customer’s every need through clear communication between management and staff, superior product brands and outstanding internal and external customer service.