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WILS (formerly Wisconsin Library Services) is a non-profit membership organization that facilitates collaborative projects and services to save our members time and money and to advance library service, primarily in the state of Wisconsin.  Most of our members are libraries, but we also work with cultural institutions, government agencies, and other non-profits to develop partnerships and projects.  Read more about membership, or join WiLS, by visiting http://www.wils.org/membership/

Cooperative Purchasing is WiLS’ flagship service, and we’ve been doing it now for many years.  And while this service continues to save significant money and time for our member libraries, it also frees up your library’s resources and allows you to develop innovative services.  WiLS Cooperative Purchasing does not work, however, without significant community involvement; it requires participation in numbers to have the purchasing power to drive down vendor prices and price increases year-to-year.  Your membership to WiLS Cooperative Purchasing service not only saves you time and money, but each subscription you purchase through WiLS helps to save other Wisconsin libraries money as well, and in turn, allows them to do more with their current resources.  This is the core mission of WiLS – to expand impact through collaboration.  When we do things together, we can do more and do it better.  For more information on our vendor and publisher partnerships, what products are available through WiLS, and current trials and promotions, see http://www.wils.org/services/cooperative-purchasing/.


WiLS is pleased to announce a new and improved process for helping members trial different products from out vendor partners.  In an effort to align our community needs with trial periods, and to present these trials in the most effective way possible, we are hosting themed trails for academic and special libraries, all product trials during the month of October (and again in February) for our K12 members, and product trials throughout September for our public libraries.

For more information about current trials, visit http://www.wils.org/category/coop-trials/.

Also, WiLS is offering a new way for our cooperative purchasing members to stay informed of product trials, promotions, news, and events through our Cooperative Purchasing Newsletter.  This newsletter is sent monthly to our public, K12, and academic members and quarterly to our special libraries.  Sign up for this and other communications from WiLS.

WiLS is pleased to partner with these vendors to provide the Wisconsin library community with the information and resources they need to serve their patrons' needs:

Vendors for Academic Libraries

Vendors for Public Libraries

Vendors for School Libraries

Vendors for Special Libraries

Direct Discounts

Read more about WiLS Cooperative Purchasing Service at: http://www.wils.org/services/cooperative-purchasing/